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San Francisco 49ers Big and Tall, Plus Size Apparel – T-Shirts, Sweatshirt Hoodie, Jerseys, T-Shirts

Do you have your wardrobe in order for the upcoming San Francisco 49ers football season?  Finding 49er apparel if you are a big and tall or plus size man or woman may be more difficult than you think.  Many stores only carry sportswear up to a size 2X.. This can be very frustrating for fans who need bigger sizes like me! (I’m a 4X).  This site has been created to help big and tall and plus size women find the apparel that you need.  Listed below are reviews of the best online merchants who carry 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT, 4XLT, and 5XLT SF 49ers t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, jerseys, jackets, and even pajamas!

Reviews Of Merchants Who Carry Big & Tall, Plus Size 49ers Apparel

Big and Tall San Francisco 49ers Apparel, Plus Size 49ers, Big Tall 49ers jersey, plus size 49ers jersey

Big and Tall, Plus Size San Francisco 49ers Apparel – Tee’s, Jerseys, Jackets, Hoodies

Merchant Reviews

Fans Edge Sports **** 4 Star Merchant – With the 49ers once again serious contenders in the NFL excitement has been growing around this historical franchise. Fans Edge Sports has a nice selection of big and tall, and plus size apparel for men and women. I reviewed their 49ers page and they have big and tall sizes in 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT, and 4XLT. Plus sizes for women are available in XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.

When you shop at Fans Edge you are able to search by individual size. This is huge if your a man or woman who need larger sizes. Considering that most of the apparel is only available up to a size 2X nobody wants to waste their time looking at sportswear that doesn’t even come in their size. When you search by size you must make sure that you enter for example “3XL” in the search box rather than a “3X” or “XXXL” format. All three of those sizes mean the same thing but their search only works for the “3XL” format. To make things easier for 49ers fan I have provided links that will take you to each individual size or 49ers apparel available.

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Fans Edge shipping policy – $4.99 flat rate shipping on all orders regardless of how many items you order (some exceptions do apply). Shipping doesn’t go up in price the more items you get! This is a really fair deal if you ask me.

Another perk that I like about Fans Edge Sports is that they guarantee your order will ship the same day as your order.

Return policy – They implement a 60 day no hassle return policy. I have shopped with this company for many years and I’ve never had an incidence and customer support has always been quite friendly.

Jersey availability – This is one area where this company is lacking. They carry tee’s, hoodies, jackets, pajamas, and sweatpants in all the sizes listed above but their selection of jerseys in big and tall and plus sizes is very limited. NFL Fan Shops (which is reviewed below) carries XL, 2X, 3X, and 4X jerseys for any player on the 49ers roster if you need any of those sizes.

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NFL Fan Shop Review For Big and Tall, Plus Size 49ers Apparel **** 4 Star Merchant – Upon reviewing the 49ers team page I found a decent selection t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and hoodies.  They have jerseys but the only larger sizes they have are 2X, 3X, and 4X..  In fact, I can’t find any big sizes 5X or above and can’t find any XT sizes at all, which is a shame.  If you are a 2XL, 3XL, or 4XL you should choose their custom home or away jersey (they are the jersey that comes in larger sizes).  You can choose any player on the 49ers roster!  Frank Gore, Alex Smith, Patrick Willis, Randy Moss, or any other player on the team.. You could even get creative and add your own name or nickname.

NFL Fan Shop also has several perks that may entice 49er fans.  They have a “bill me later” option.  You can also have your purchases gift wrapped so you can have them send them as gifts for holidays or special occasions!  Another positive note about NFL fans shops is their tracking system.. You will always know where your package is.. With just a couple clicks you can find out where your order is and when you should expect it to arrive. They accept major credit cards and even Pay Pal!

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Amazon *** 3 Star Merchant Review – Sometimes I don’t know what I would do without Amazon. They seem to have everything.  You can nearly fill all your shopping needs on one location!  Before you run off to Amazon to find all of your needs there are a few limitations as far as shopping for big and tall and plus size apparel..  The big (and it’s a significant one) problem is that you can’t search through their apparel buy size.  If you are looking for a 5X 49ers t-shirt you can’t filter the results to show only 5x 49er t-shirts.  ALL of the t-shirts will show up and you would have to click on each tee shirt until you found one that carries larger sizes.  This can be a pain in the neck as I’m sure you could imagine.  However, I have found a way to just show just results for big and tall 49ers apparel as well as women’s plus size San Francisco 49ers sportswear. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it will take to find apparel in your size! They have a nice selection of t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirt hoodies, jackets, pajamas, and sweatpants.  I didn’t find any “XT” sizes for the 49ers. I would suggest using  Fans Edge Sports (my first review on this page) for sizes XLT, 2XT, 3XT, and 4XT.

Another reason to shop with Amazon is their free super saver shipping that is available for many items on their site and this include 49ers big and tall, plus size apparel.

Sports Fanatics ** 2 Star Big and Tall Merchant Review – Sports Fanatics offers a wide variety of products that 49er fans would love.. Merchandise, apparel, memorabilia, collectibles, home decore and more.  The reason why I have given them a two star rating for 49ers big and tall or plus size apparel is because there isn’t any way to search or filter by size.  I can’t even provide a link that will take you to a big and tall section on their site.  All I can do is provide a link to take you to their website.

So, why is Sports Fanatics included in these reviews.  Well, they most certainly do have the Big or plus sizes that your looking for.  I found apparel in sizes XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X.  It just takes some times to find clothing in your size.  If you need “tall sizes” XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT, or 4XLT you should use Fans Edge Sports which is first on this page.

They do have a 365 day return policy.  Yes, you heard that right!  I haven’t heard of a 365 day return policy before.  This would come in handy if you are the type of person who does year round shopping so you don’t have to do it all in a rush for the holiday season.  Sports Fanatics offers a $4.99 3 day shipping policy which is quite attractive in my opinion.  Shop Big and Tall, Plus Size Sportswear at Sports Fanatics.