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College sports is huge and people are following their teams 365 days a year. Regardless if it’s NCAA football, basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, etc….., loyal fan bases are passionate about showing their team colors. What do you do if you are big and tall, or plus size fan (I’m a 4X!) who can’t seem to find their team apparel in their size?  Well, if your like me you get really frustrated! How many times have you found that perfect t-shirt, hoodie, jersey, or jacket only to be disappointed when you find out that they don’t carry sizes above 2XL?  I don’t have enough fingers and toes to tell you how many times this has happened to me! This site is all about the big and tall, and plus size men and women sports fan! I will be reviewing the top Online merchants who actually cater to larger size men and women. Enough with the headaches and endless searches already!

Reviews of Online Merchants Who Carry NCAA College Apparel

Big and Tall Alabama Crimson Tide shirt, Big and Tall NCAA Apparel, Plus Size College Apparel

Big and Tall, and Plus Size NCAA College Apparel.

NCAA College Sweatshirts, Hoodies, T-Shirts

I will be reviewing each individual college team and the merchants that have the best selection of big and tall, plus size t-shirts. One by one.. Should be a huge project to tackle and may take some time but it will be worth it.. As a fellow “big man” I know how irritating finding sports apparel in your size can be. I’m currently doing the NFL but will be finished soon. NCAA will be next! In the meantime I have written some broad and general reviews of merchants below who carry big and tall and plus size apparel below. I hope this helps until I have reviews posted for your particular team!

Fans Edge Sports **** Star Merchant – This is a top tier company that has been in business since the late 1990’s. I have purchased through them many times over the years. I am giving them the top rating in this category because of the broad base coverage for 100’s of college teams.. They have a little bit for everybody and they are not just limited to carrying inventory for the “powerhouse programs” like Alabama, LSU, and Ohio State. They have big and tall apparel for teams like Harvard, Hawaii, and Air Force.. They also have apparel for lesser known schools like the Albany Great Danes or the Morgan State Bears! There is a very good chance that they have the NCAA apparel you have been searching for! However, for the smaller schools they only have big and tall sizes 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.. They only carry the tall sizes XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT, and 4XLT for the high profile college sports teams (like Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, etc…)

Fans Edge offers a $4.99 flat rate shipping fee regardless of how many items you buy.. Shipping will be the same if you buy one NCAA tee or 20.

When you search by size you have to be careful at how you enter your search terms. The search box will only return results if you enter the size as a “5XL” rather than lets say a “5X” or a “62” Here is a table chart if you don’t know what size you would be :


Men’s College Apparel Size Conversion Chart

Men’s NCAA Sizing Chart
Numeric Size

To make things a bit easier I have added links that will take you to each size in the NCAA category.  I hope this helps.  Shop Big and Tall NCAA Apparel at Fans Edge Sports.

Big and Tall Apparel By Size at Fans Edge Sports


Amazon *** 3 Star Merchant –
I’m sure you have heard of Amazon and most likely shopped there before. They have a nice selection of big and tall sports apparel but they do have some limitations. The problem is that you can’t search their site by size. You have to click on each item (t-shirt, jacket, sweatshirt, jersey, etc…) and see what sizes they have available. This can take some time when you are searching through 1000’s of pages. I have been able to filter the results down to just show “big and tall” NCAA apparel from there. Simply type in “big and tall *name of your team*) and you will get your desired results. However, this doesn’t work when you are looking for plus sizes. For women who need plus sizes I would suggest using Fans Edge Sports (which was reviewed above).  Shop Big and Tall NCAA College T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets.

Sports Fanatics ** 2 Star Merchant – This company has a huge selection of officially licensed NCAA merchandise and apparel items. However, you can’t search by size and I couldn’t find any “tall sizes” (XT, 2XLT, 3XLT, 4XLT, etc…). The only sizes I was able to find were 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X.  The big sizes were limited to the big conference colleges.  For smaller schools or plus sizes I would suggest Fans Edge Sports (reviewed above). Shop NCAA College Apparel and Sports Merchandise.

*Please let me know if you come across other merchants who carry big and tall NCAA college apparel.

*Reviews for all individual college teams will soon be added

Alabama Crimson Tide – Alabama is a college football powerhouse with a fan base always eager to shout “Roll Tide”.  Find out what merchants carry big and tall Alabama Crimson Tide apparel in sizes 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT, and 4XLT.  As well as women’s plus sizes that are available in sizes XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. Find out which merchants offer free shipping and no hassle return policies.  Roll Tide!

Clemson Tigers

Kansas Jayhawks Big and Tall Apparel – Rock Chalk Jayhawks!  Grab the gear in the sizes that you need that you can find elsewhere.

Kentucky Wildcats Big and Tall, Plus Apparel – Kentucky basketball reigns supreme and Kentucky Wildcats are one of the most ambitious and passionate in professional sports..  View all of Online stores which carry the larger sizes that your looking for.

Louisville Cardinals

Oregon Ducks 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X T-Shirts, Hoodies – The Oregon Ducks have a huge fan base and their fans love to showcase their official team gear with pride. Read reviews of the online companies that carry their apparel in big and tall, and plus sizes.

Villanova Wildcats – Villanova won the NCAA Championship in 2016 and have become one of the top college basketball teams in the country.  Cheer on Villanova Wildcats with some official team apparel in big, tall, and plus sizes.

Wisconsin Badgers

Xavier Musketeers

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