Louisville Big and Tall T-Shirts, Price Compare, 3X, 4X, 5X Apparel

Louisville Cardinals Big and Tall T-Shirts (Sizes 3X, 4X, 5X)

When the Louisville Cardinals reached the Final Four in 2012 they sent their fan base completely wild.  The allegiance of the entire state was split in two as Louisville and Kentucky were set to meet in the Final Four!  With so much excitement surrounding this team the fans have been out wearing officially licensed team apparel showcasing their team spirit.  However, if your a Louisville fan it’s hard to find clothing in sizes above 2X.  We compare prices of merchants who carry big and tall Louisville Cardinals t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Louisville Big and Tall Merchant and Price Comparison Reviews

I’m listing several of the online merchants that I found that carry big and tall apparel.  I’m listing the ones that I have personally ordered through and have had positive experiences with.  If you know of another big and tall apparel merchant (one who carries Louisville apparel) that I’m leaving out that you feel should be listed let me know at (or leave me a comment below).

Fans Edge Apparel – I have probably ordered through this company more often than any other online merchant when it comes to sports apparel.  They occasionally have clearance sales and frequently offer 5 dollar flat rate shipping on any size order.  You can track your order status.  When you order you can sign up to have emails sent to you but it is entirely optional. If you don’t mind getting occasional emails they offer some good discounts.  If you don’t want to deal with extra email simply don’t opt in to their email list.

Shown below is a t-shirt that is very popular.  I especially like this tee because it doesn’t have a year on it so long after the Final Four has ended this shirt will still be a great way to show your team spirit.  Kentucky and Louisville rivalry is intense and this tee really encompasses the atmosphere.   This t-shirt comes in sizes 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X.  The price tag was $19.99 for this tee. This was the only merchant that I found this design for when I was trying to compare prices.  However, 20 dollars for a Final Four tee would be comparable with any merchant online.  This same design is also available in colors white and gray. It is also available as a sweatshirt as well.

Louisville Cardinals T-Shirt, Big and Tall, Sizes 3x, 4x, 5x

Louisville Cardinals Big and Tall Rivalry T-shirt

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Important – When using Fans Edge search feature make sure that you put “XL” as part of your keyword.  For instance if you are interested in a 4XL t-shirt type “Louisville 4XL” rather than “Louisville 4X”. Using just the “X” returns zero results.

Football Fanatics Review  – Here is another fine merchant who has a huge variety of products. However, their big and tall selection is limited and to find the larger size Louisville apparel you need you have to search through their entire apparel catalog. You can’t search by size which makes finding larger size apparel next to impossible. However, if you need anything else Louisville related they are a great merchant to deal with. Shop Louisville Cardinal Apparel at Fanatics.

Amazon – is my favorite merchant to purchase items through EXCEPT for big and tall apparel.  Their search feature doesn’t work when trying to sort through apparel by size.  I don’t recommend Amazon when trying to find apparel in big sizes. – I also do recommend for people who need big sizes.  You can’t search by size.  It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  Stick with my first recommendation above.

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